Thank you for choosing to remit your PIAVA membership dues electronically.

By authorizing this transaction, you acknowledge, accept and agree to terms and conditions expressed as follows:

1.  I am remitting payment of dues for membership in the Private Investigators Association of Virginia Inc (PIAVA) for a term of one (1) membership year.

2.  If I am an applicant for membership in PIAVA, then I am aware that in the event my application is incomplete or otherwise not acceptable: (i) my application might be held in abeyance or terminated, (ii) my membership dues might be refunded to me, and (iii) I may reapply for membership presuming no permanent bar to admission exists.

3.  If I am a private investigator or an equivalent in the jurisdiction(s) in which I am credentialed, then I: (i) affirm and warrant that all of my pertinent professional credentials granted by the government(s) of the jurisdiction(s) in which I am authorized to operate are current and in good standing, (ii) will promptly notify PIAVA of any change in status of such credentials, and (iii) indemnify PIAVA against all liability and loss that might arise from any misrepresentation(s) or unreported status change(s).

4.  I consent to accept electronic delivery of PIAVA and all related communications, and waive all requirement of postal delivery of all such communications, for but not limited to any notice(s) of any vote(s), meeting(s), special meeting(s) and any other notice(s) or announcement(s) by electronic mail (e-mail) at the e-mail account(s) associated with this transaction, and agree to maintain on file with PIAVA a continuous record of the (i) email address(es), (ii) telephone number(s) and (iii) physical address(es) at which I receive such communications regularly.

5.  I grant explicit permission to the PIAVA Board of Directors and/ or its assignee(s)/ designee(s) to disclose my membership status for any third party inquirer at any time without notice to me for purposes including but not limited to: validating eligibility for any vendor offer; responding to public, government or other inquiry; responding to any subpoena or other lawful demand for information; or other such inquiry.

6.  I have read and shall abide by the PIAVA Code of Ethics continuously and for the duration of my membership.

7. I shall abide by, and adhere strictly and continuously to, the Private Investigators Association of Virginia Inc (PIAVA) By Laws and Code of Ethics for the duration of my membership in PIAVA, and accept explicitly that any violation could result in review, suspension or revocation of my membership. Should there be an action or claim against me, I shall notify and furnish to the PIAVA Board of Directors all respective information thirty (30) days or fewer after receiving notice of such claim or action, and I accept explicitly that failure to provide such notification and information may be grounds for action concerning my PIAVA membership status. I give my full consent and authorization to the PIAVA entity, its Officers, Directors and their Agents to inquire into any such claim or action, and into my reputation, character and fitness for continued membership. I understand that failure to respond to any request for information or submitting false information may result in suspension or revocation of my membership. I hereby agree to release and hold harmless the PIAVA entity, its officers, directors, agents and members from all liability, claims and injuries, actual and implied, in matters relating to or arising from any such inquiry. I further agree that if my membership is suspended or revoked for any reason, I shall accept such decision willingly and knowingly, expressly waive any right to dispute that decision and/ or to take legal or other action, and agree not to take any such action, against the PIAVA entity, its officers, directors, agents and members.

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