WHEN: Typically occurs on the third Thursday of a month or otherwise as called, doors opening approximately 6:30 pm.

WHERE: Typically in the McLean area of Fairfax County, the restaurant venue varies with availability.

AGENDA: Typically includes delivery of periodic officer reports, discussion of business, presentation by a guest speaker.






Past guest speakers who have presented useful information from their fields of expertise and conducted Q&A with attendingmembers have included:


November 2016 Meeting

Speaker: Doug Lacey of Bek Tek LLC

Mr. Lacey discussed The Benefits and Limitations of Forensic Examination of Audio Recordings, Video Recordings and Digital Images in Investigative Matters. Douglas S. Lacey is a Certified Forensic Video Examiner (IAI) and is a Certified Cyber Forensics Professional. His firm, BEK TEKLLC,is dedicated to providing objective, scientific examinations of audio recordings, video recordings, and digital images. The firm's examiners possess preeminent scientific expertise and over 80 years of combined knowledge within the forensic audio/video and telecommunications disciplines, providing them with significant experience as expert witnesses, whether on behalf of the prosecution, the plaintiff, or the defense. With facilities located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia, the firm provides consultations, examinations, research, and instruction in criminal, civil, investigative, administrative, and Foreign Counterintelligence matters involving laboratory analyses of audio and video recordings (both analog and digital) and digital images, and on-site evaluations of acoustical information.


September 2016 Meeting

Speaker: Patrick Siewert of Pro Digital Forensic Consulting

Patrick gave us a presentation on The Power of Call Detail Record ("CDR") Analysis.  Patrick reviewed: what types of cases can benefit from CDR analysis; cell carrier basics; what's available from cell carriers; how CDR analysis works; tower location and range-to-tower data; contact information & appropriate court order language.  This presentation provided us with the ability to provide valuable insights to attorneys when CDRs are an issue in a case. [See below for more on Pro Digital Forensic Consulting]


June 2016 Meeting 

Speaker: Sgt. Andy Williams and Tr. Byron Norris of Virginia State Police

Troopers Williams and Norris provided us with an overview of how Division 7's Crash Team investigates crashes in the Northern Virginia region.  They also demonstrated some of the technology they utilize to document crash scenes.


March 2016 Meeting 

Speaker: Leon Baker of Department of Criminal Justice Services

Leon Baker, Acting Manager of Customer Service, Division of Law Enforcement and Security Services, Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).  Mr. Baker has held a variety of positions at DCJS and gave us insight into the workings and history of DCJS.  He also answered questions from the membership.


February 2016 Meeting 

Speaker: Kevin Theriault of Crash & Safety Consultants LLC

Kevin Theriault, founding owner of Crash & Safety Consultants, LLC which is based in Hopewell, Virginia.  The title of his presentation is “Current Investigation Tools for Automobile and Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes”.

Kevin’s career started in 1987 as a patrolman investigating motor vehicle collisions.  During his law enforcement career, he received specialized training in traffic collision reconstruction and experience investigating serious injury and fatality collisions, and testifying as a law enforcement officer in district and circuit courts.  In 1998, Kevin moved into the private sector where he continued his specialized training and experience in collision reconstruction.  He has reconstructed over 1,100 collisions and has testified more than 130 times as a forensic consultant collision reconstructionist in Federal and State Courts in depositions and trials.


November 2015 Meeting

Speaker: Maria Velikonja

Maria Velikonja is a Virginia PI and a DC attorney with more than three decades of law enforcement and legal experience. Ms. Velikonja was a deputy prosecutor, an FBI agent and assistant general counsel, a UN war crimes investigator and international consultant. She has worked cases ranging from the typical to public official corruption, the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing and Bosnian war crimes, and she has interviewed countless concentration camp victims. Maria is the co-Author of the first UN Law Enforcement Anti-Trafficking Manual for Southeastern Europe in 2003, and her work was adopted by the US DOJ in 2004 and used to train LEOs around the world. Maria's DC legal work is generally pro bono and is focused on representing indigent clients.


June 2015 Meeting 

Speaker: Patrick J. Siewert of Pro Digital Forensic Consulting

Pro Digital Forensic Consulting is located in Richmond, Virginia and incorporates fifteen years of law enforcement experience in criminal investigations and digital forensics to service governmental & private investigators, litigators & corporations.  Mr. Siewert is the owner of Pro Digital and a 15-year law enforcement veteran who worked in high tech crimes and as an affiliate of the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.  He has attended numerous investigative trainings, received a number of award for outstanding service and completed digital forensic programs through the FBI, US Secret Service, Homeland Defense (FLETC) and Guidance Software (to name a few).  Mr. Siewert is also a Registered Private Investigator and Law Enforcement Instructor through DCJS. 

Patrick will be discussing what every private investigation needs to know about utilizing the services of a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner in their case work; how to best secure computerized devices from clients in order for them to be properly examined; and how to set pricing and budgets of this type of services.


May 2015 Meeting 

Speaker: Brian O'Shea of Striker-Pierce, LLC

Brian O’Shea is the CEO and Senior Investigator at Striker Pierce.  Brian has spent over 20 years in the field of investigations and intelligence working first in military intelligence for two Special Forces groups and then for two different government agencies.  Brian left government service to enter the world of boutique intelligence, focusing on corporate and executive clients, and finally founded Striker-Pierce.  Brian is featured in several publications on body language and human lie detection, has worked intelligence and investigations in over 27 different countries, and has solved over 500 domestic and international cases involving fraud, theft, corporate espionage, patent infringement.  Mr. O’Shea has also been a featured speaker at Reed Smith’s Cyber Security Roundtable, has been a guest instructor for a San Francisco based “Escape and Evasion” school, and has managed investigations and intelligence operations for several Fortune 500 companies and international financial firms.    Brian is a Certified Private Security Instructor in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has been certified in various disciplines by numerous law enforcement and intelligence organizations, and is a guest instructor for courses focused on social engineering, lie detection, and information elicitation.  Brian holds 3 undergraduate degrees and a Master’s of Criminal Justice from Boston University.

Striker Pierce LLC provides a full range of investigative services and executive solutions on both a domestic and international scale.  Striker Pierce was formed in 2009 and has conducted 181 field investigations since April of 2012 in addition to hundreds of due diligence and intelligence collection operations within the same time frame. Our investigators include former journalists, military intelligence & competitive intelligence collectors, political consultants and cyber specialists.


April 2015 Meeting

Speaker: Michael T. Yergey of The Yergey Insurance Agency. 

Mr. Yergey is an insurance agent who's firm specializes in writing policies for both private security and investigative businesses and individuals.  With the recent passing of HB 1718 in the Virginia House and Senate, it is very likely that individual Private Investigative Registrants will soon be allowed to work as Independent Contractors for licensed private investigative businesses here in Virginia, with the one additional requirement that they also have their own general liability insurance.  Mike will be discussing private security insurance in general, as well as what these individual registrants will need to know and do regarding insurance if they wish to work as independent contractors.  

Yergey Insurance is a family owned and operated agency. At inception, the agency specialized in Medical Malpractice and Artisan Contractor Insurance coverage's. The agency has grown dramatically, adding several new employees along with numerous sales associates in the field. The agency moved to Manassas, Virginia in 2001, and has been at this location since that time. The line of products offered has also increased, with the agency becoming a full lines agency for property, casualty, life, and health for both commercial and personal insurance needs. The agency thrives on the personal relationships that it develops with clients and feels that services and education are the keys to being successful.


March 2015 Meeting 

Speaker: Dan Moldea, best-selling author of eight nonfiction books. 

 A specialist on organized crime and political corruption investigations since 1974, best-selling author and independent investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea has published eight nonfiction books:  The Hoffa Wars (1978); The Hunting of Cain:  A True Story of Money, Greed, and Fratricide (1983); Dark Victory:  Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob (1986); Interference:  How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football (1989); The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy(1995); Evidence Dismissed:  The Inside Story of the Police Investigation of O.J. Simpson (with Tom Lange and Philip Vannatter, 1997); and A Washington Tragedy:  How the Suicide of Vincent Foster Ignited a Political Firestorm (1998, 2014).  He recently published his memoir, Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer:  Adventures in the Jungles of Crime, Politics and Journalism (2013).

Mr. Moldea will be sharing some highlights from his extensive career as an investigative journalist and talking about his latest book.  He will also be available to sign copies of any of his books for our members, should they choose to bring them to the meeting.   


February 2015 Meeting

Speaker: Brianna Brumsted of The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Ms. Brumsted works on a senior case management team in the Critical and Runaway Unit at NCMEC Headquarters in Alexandria, Viriginia.  She studied at George Washington University, receiving degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. In 2003 she started working for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Throughout her career with NCMEC, she has received trainings and certifications to further her knowledge and expertise on missing child cases. Trainings include Responding to Missing and Abducted Children, Investigating Child Abuse and Homicide and most recently taking part in the International Homicide Investigators Association Conference.

Ms. Brumsted will provide us with an overview of her organization.  For 30 years NCMEC has been at the forefront of the fight to keep children safer from abduction and sexual exploitation. They provide the resources needed to help protect children and prevent these devastating crimes from being committed against children.  NCMEC has regional offices in Florida, California, Texas and New York.  Each office provides child safety programs and case management services.  Ms. Brumsted will be talking about how MCMEC works with and assists both parents and law enforcement personnel during such a crisis, and what every private investigator needs to know about NCMEC.  


January 2015 Meeting 

Speaker: Andrea Borchardt of Bode Technology Group.

Ms. Borchardt is a Supervisor of Forensic Casework at Bode Technology. Her team at Bode specializes in cold case and Innocence Project testing and has worked on post-conviction cases in more than 25 states over the past three years. The team handles the most difficult and complex forensic cases, often utilizing innovative testing methods to recover DNA from challenging evidence items. Notable cases tested by her group include the Phillip Thurman exoneration, JonBenet Ramsey murder, the West Memphis Three case, the Donald Gates exoneration and the Kirk Odom exoneration. Ms. Borchardt was previously an adjunct instructor at the Virginia Commonwealth University where she taught Forensic Molecular Biology. She holds a Master of Science degree from the Johns Hopkins University.


October 2014 Meeting 

Speaker: Jack Mogus of NOVASEC Technologies.

 Mr. Mogus is the Director of Operations of NOVASEC Technical Services, a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) firm located in Vienna, Virginia.  Mr. Mogus has owned his business since 1971.  His firm provide electronic eavesdropping detection services for the government, businesses and private individuals. Among the topics Jack will be discussing are some of the highlights of his extensive career; what every private investigator needs to know about TSCM; and how our members may utilize his firm in conjunction with any of their future assignments.  Jack will also be bringing a sample of some of the equipment his firm uses out in the field, as well as answering any of our member's questions about TSCM services.


September 2014 Meeting

Speaker: John Hargett, John Hargett & Associates, LLC

Mr. Hargett is a retired Chief Document Examiner for the U.S. Secret Service and has represented the Secret Service as an expert in over twenty-three foreign countries.  He is also a published author in domestic and international technical journals in the area of handwriting identification/document examination.  He is recognized as an expert domestically and internationally having testified over four hundred and fifty times in courts of law, to include twice before a U. S. Congressional sub-committee and has appeared at the International Tribunal, The Hague, Netherlands. Mr. Hargett also provided training and technical assistance for eleven years in Eastern Europe and South America as a contract Senior Forensic Advisor for the U. S. Treasury Department, U. S. Justice Department and U. S. State Department.


June 2014 Meeting

Speaker: Graziella Bianchi, Esq., Criminal Defense Attorney working in Fairfax, Virginia.

 Ms. Bianchi is dedicated to defending the rights of the accused across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Prior to starting her own firm, The Law Offices of Graziella Bianchi, PLLC , she was recruited to be the managing attorney for the criminal defense group at another boutique law firm in the Northern Virginia area.  Prior to entering private practice, Ms. Bianchi was an assistant public defender for Arlington County and the City of Falls Church, located in Arlington County, Virginia.  


May 2014 Meeting

Speaker: Bradley Marshall, Esq., Assistant Commonwealth Attorney for Prince William County, Virginia.

 Mr. Marshall has served as an Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney for Prince William County since 2008, focusing on criminal street gangs, firearms, violent crimes, and criminal interdiction prosecution. Brad was raised in Prince William County, having attended Brentsville High School, and went on to graduate from the University of Virginia and earn his law degree from Michigan State University.   He is heavily involved in the local Bar, as well as numerous other local civic and charitable groups.  Mr. Marshall we be speaking about his career, some of his most challenging cases and some of the things Private Investigators should know when working on criminal defense matters. 


April 2014 Meeting

Speaker: Tom Jackman from The Washington Post

Mr. Jackman is a reporter with The Washington Post and writes a blog named The State of NoVa.  He was born in Northern Virginia and has been covering the area for the Post since 1998.  Mr. Jackman will be discussing some of his experiences working as reporter over the years, including some stories he has covered with the help of private investigators.  He will also be sharing some advice on how private investigators should respond when contacted by members of the media, and some circumstances when they might wish to consider using the media to their client's advantage while working on cases.



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